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New curriculums for OACS students

Written on July 18th, 2007

Grade 10 students attending Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) schools in the fall can expect much different civics and careers courses than students who went before them.

Herman Proper, the director of support services and secondary programs with the OACS, says he has spent the past few weeks working with teachers on new curriculums for the Grade 10 civics and Grade 10 careers courses.

“We basically wrote new courses for the ministry’s new curriculum expectations and we plan to have those in the schools by September,” Proper says. “Both of them will be produced in the summer and both will be available to teacher’s beginning probably at the end of August.”

Proper says the civics and careers courses were originally introduced in 2000.

“The (Ministry of Education) came out with a new curriculum document so they changed a number of the expectations for the course,” Proper says. “We also felt it was time to review them because we’d written them in 2000.”

Proper estimates more than half of the course material provided to teachers is different compared to years past, adding, “the course is much better developed.”

In the original civics course, Proper says much of the learning revolved around governments. The updated course however, places more emphasis on having students become active and make a difference in their community.

Be it local, national or global, the course talks about social action and social justice issues, trying to get the students active in those areas, says Proper.

Because the careers course isn’t finished being written, Proper says he is unable to discuss any of the changes being made.