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New film on bullying depicts characters asking God for help

Written on January 9th, 2008

Film a valuable springboard for discussions on bullying: school rep

A film on bullying created by a new Ontario media group depicts the victims asking God for help. The film could be a valuable resource for Christian schools, says Tracey Tiersma, promotions director at Immanuel Christian School (ICS) in Aylmer.

A number of students from ICS were cast in the film, titled Psalm 54.

The seven-minute production by Inheritance Pictures plays out three different bullying scenarios. One involves a young boy about to be physically attacked by three classmates, one a high school student who receives a threat via a text message, and another is about an adult facing a difficulty with co-workers.

In each case the situation is resolved after the victim asks God for help, referring to the words of Psalm 54, which is a short passage by a person who was also in an intimidating situation and who depended on God for deliverance.

The film’s overarching message is that “when we go to God when we’re faced with trouble and we’re up against fear, how when we pray to God, He will vindicate, He will come to our rescue,” says Tiersma.

“It’s (about) glorifying God in a situation and making the Bible real and useable. (The Bible) is the living word that we can use in our times of trouble.”

Bullying is a hot topic in both public and independent schools these days and resources for how school communities can respond effectively and manage it are prevalent. The issue has taken a different twist in recent years as the internet has become increasingly popular as a means for people to spread intimidation and destruction.

Tiersma points out that new information shows teachers are very often the target of bullying, particularly cyber-bullying through blogs and forums like Facebook and MySpace.

The film Psalm 54 is unique in that while it doesn’t provide an extensive curriculum for how a school community can deal with bullying, it does present an element that is fundamental to the Christian faith.

This is why the film can be of particular interest for Christian schools, says Tiersma. ICS has presented Psalm 54 on several occasions to both its student body and the larger school community and will be using it in a presentation on internet safety later this month.

Inheritance Pictures is a Christian media group based in Springfield, Ontario. It has recently produced another film and is planning additional works in the near future, some of which will involve ICS students again.

The group is interested in working with other Christian schools in Ontario on future productions. For more information about Psalm 54 or on becoming involved in other films, visit