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New high school offers unique programs for students

Written on December 7th, 2007

Patmos College in Sarnia opened its doors to Grade 9 students this fall with exciting plans for its future.

With a population of six students and four part-time teachers plus a principal, the high school plans to add a grade each year and move to a larger facility, says principal Allen Bron.

The school started with the desire to create a unique school program for students in Sarnia and Lambton County. Though there was Christian high school in the area for several years it closed seven years ago, says Bron.

Patmos College gives parents an option for Christian education and provides unique programs developed through authentic learning experiences in the areas of leadership, academics and artistic talents. The school integrates faith into the learning environment, with its mission statement to influence this world through a Christ-centered education.

One unique program the school is offering is an Outdoor Education Program that is integrated with the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The Award is open to all young people and is a self-development program. The main components of the program are:

  • service: community serve projects, conservation, volunteer work or specialized training (i.e. first aid)
  • adventurous journey: expedition (a trip with a purpose; includes navigating such as to different camp sites), exploration (a purpose with a trip; a journey with an approved investigation or activity) or adventurous project (a trip that is different than an expedition or exploration, or is a combination of both i.e. overseas trip)
  • skills: there are over 200 hobby and vocational skills to choose from physical recreation: encourages physical activity and healthy lifestyles
  •  Through the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, students learn about leadership and citizenship.

The school is looking towards other programs to develop, including the International Baccalaureate Program for its Grade 11 and 12 students. “We like the idea of the international flavour there - bringing in the global educational community,” says Bron. The school is also considering advanced placement courses for Grade 12 students.

Patmos College is a member of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS). To learn more about the school, visit its website.