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O Glorious Night: A KCS Christmas Card

Written on January 5th, 2016


Each of us has a part to play in the telling, unveiling, and fulfillment of God’s story. During the season of Advent, when things can often get quite hectic, the students and staff of Kingston Christian School provided this moment to pause and reflect on the Gift that was given for the delight and salvation of all mankind.

As a school, they created an interactive Christmas card—a card, a video, and the story of Christmas all wrapped up in one. The project involved each of the students at Kingston Christian School. Parents also pitched in by making costumes, and their beloved school janitor was included as the Inn Keeper.

Jennifer Shoniker, principal of Kingston Christian School, reflects: “This was an ambitious project! We were able to capture the entire school anticipating and then re-enacting the Nativity all in one take. The project definitely involved a great deal of teamwork, patience, and enthusiasm!”

Christmas Angels

The Christmas card video was shared by email and Facebook, and has been viewed over 4000 times. It was a wonderful way for students to share the message of Jesus’ birth, within their own community and also outside of it this past Christmas season. Allowing others to see the video and have the opportunity to get a glimpse of what happens in her school is always exciting for Jennifer. “I want others to be able to see the passion we have for Christian education and what makes us distinctive—I don’t want our school to be the best kept secret of Kingston!”

The project was a truly unique and inspirational way for students and the Kingston Christian School community to celebrate together and share the story of Christ’s birth.

All is calm now
All is quiet
A star’s shining in the sky
Below in Bethlehem
A King is sleeping
Oh what a glorious night!