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OACS member schools to benefit from new CLP Adobe agreement

Written on March 20th, 2009

Official launch at upcoming IT Conference

The Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) has signed a CLP agreement with Adobe that offers member schools reduced prices for its computer software products.

Chris van Donkelaar, OACS director of technologies, says the agreement provides a substantial decrease in the cost of Adobe products and is exciting because schools often use the technology for multimedia studies and school promotion.

Schools can purchase products for a fraction of the retail price. For example, Adobe Acrobat Pro is brought down from approximately $450 to $100 through the agreement.

The OACS is looking to serve its schools technologically in meaningful way, so this agreement seemed quite appropriate, says van Donkelaar.

“I know that one of the high schools is now looking at outfitting a computer lab with the Adobe software,” he says.

The CLP3 agreement is only the beginning, he adds, as over time the goal is to move towards the CPL1 level which reduces cost even more. As the OACS and its members make purchases points are accumulated that will move the agreement to the next level.

Schools have two options for participating in the agreement. They can contact the OACS office directly for purchases. The OACS adds only a small handling fee for processing orders.

The other option is schools can enter their own CLP agreement under the OACS though an online form. Only orders of 1,000 points or more can sign up for their own CLP number. To find out the point structure schools can contact the OACS. Bill Boswell from Planet Micro in London, Ontario, is the Adobe representative for the OACS.

The OACS entered the CLP agreement early this year and plans to officially launch March 26 at the Computer Leaders Curriculum Conference held at King’s Christian Collegiate high school in Oakville. Boswell will be presenting a session about the new agreement and be available to answer any questions.

Van Donkelaar says the conference is the best way to have an open forum to discuss the varied questions that schools may have. Participants can also learn about special CLP packages that are available.