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OACS News asks into crossroads facing culture

Written on November 2nd, 2012

What’s the crossroads our culture faces today, and how are Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) members addressing this critical turning point? What new opportunities for culture-making are schools seeing and/or acting on already?

These are some of the lead questions in a new series OACS News is launching this week.

Stories will be gathered through interviews with school leaders, as well as educators, families and those who could be considered thought leaders in Christian education.

“My hope is that we will discover some hidden treasures” with this series, says Peter Pula, CEO and executive editor of Axiom News, which operates the OACS News on behalf of the alliance.

“With so much transition occurring in our society and the way our economy works there is a tremendous opportunity to be culture makers.

“We can create something new in response to today’s environment and according to our highest intentions.”

Pula adds he expects that exploring the relationship between education and the understandings and abilities needed to shape the next era will be a stretching discussion.

It’s clear member schools are grappling with the effects of shifts in culture today, says OACS director of communications, school support and advancement Ray Hendriks.

The ramifications are being felt in the change in support that’s extended to schools, expectations for how education is delivered and reasons parents cite for choosing the learning places they do today.

“My hope is that as we speak with schools across Ontario and perhaps even further than that, we will get a better sense of the challenges presented by this (cultural) crossroads to our schools, and how our schools will respond to those challenges,” says Hendriks.

The intention is for this series to “convene a conversation,” and community members are invited to share their responses as new stories are posted. Invitations will also be extended for a periodic analysis of what seems to be emerging as the series rolls out.