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OACS schools growing digital presence

Written on September 4th, 2012

Growing one’s community via the digital realm is becoming an organizational must-do, it seems, and Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) member schools are right in the fray.

In addition to using the many digital tools now available to provide updates and create connection among their existing community members, member schools are also clearly aware that there are a lot of people whose only “window” into their communities may be the digital world.

Virtually all OACS school websites show they’re seeking to extend a warmth and spirit in keeping with their in-person community and mission.

The much harder challenge seems to be demonstrating that they’re active, current and engaged through ongoing updates about their own communities, as well as evidence showing their connections to the broader community, but many are on top here too.

Three days before the start of the 2012-13 school, a number are using their websites and Facebook accounts to post notes about their themes for the school year, September events and other announcements.

As an example, Smithville and District Christian High School announces via Facebook its addition of four new smart boards, 45 new computers and 30 new monitors

Guelph Community Christian School shares via its website about its move September 1, while another posts its 2012-13 school theme.

No doubt the digital activity signaling each school’s “aliveness” will increase significantly as the school year gets underway.

In addition to bringing their personas to the digital universe, many OACS schools are taking advantage of the opportunities this whole new world presents to accelerate and improve learning.

While the opportunities for bolstering students’ educational experiences through the use of social media and apps, just to start, seem endless, OACS educators are clearly thinking through and carefully choosing at least some of these new tools to pilot.

Last year we featured a blog by special education resource teacher Linda Delean at John Knox Christian School in Brampton on the potential in apps for students who have a disability.