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Office and financial personnel conventions offer new components

Written on October 16th, 2009

The Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools’ (OACS) Oct. 29 conventions for office and financial personnel offer new components this year, including in-depth information on Excel 2007, Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 and the new financial framework.

OACS executive assistant Tena Boven says the changes to the personnel convention have been implemented in response to requests from past participants for deeper knowledge on various subjects.

The session on Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, a software program new to OACS member schools this year, is scheduled for a full afternoon and will walk participants through a formatting procedure. Boven notes she’s particularly excited about this session.

The Excel 2007 stream, to be presented by Sandra Roach, a computer software consultant for the SCS Training Centre, will run the full day.

Boven says her hope is the personnel convention will provide useful and practical information for participants as well as whet their desire to learn more.

“I hope that people walk away feeling that they have gained some knowledge and (be) inspired to expand upon what they’ve learned somewhere else.”

Simultaneous with the personnel convention a new full-day conference is offered this year for financial personnel at the same location, Hamilton District Christian High School, Ancaster.

OACS director of financial development Jennie Das points out that while past personnel conventions have included a financial component the decision was made to separate the latter into a full-day event due to the significant changes that have taken place within the schools’ financial accountability framework this past year.

Procedures have been significantly reworked within the OACS schools in order to meet the expectations of Revenue Canada with regards to issuing income tax receipts and the completion of the T3010 charity information returns.

“A lot more training is needed by our bookkeepers and financial personnel, which is why we’re highlighting and promoting the need for the professional development of the financial side of a school’s operation,” says Das.