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Orangeville Christian School participates in the community

Written on April 18th, 2007

Good neighbour campaign in full swing

Spring is a busy time for Orangeville Christian School (OCS) as staff and students participate in a variety of community events.

And this year, the elementary school has a lot of new initiatives. Principal Henry Lise explains the many ways OCS creates community awareness.

One new event this year is a Pastor’s Chapel. The students sent invitations to their pastors for a service at the school. Pastors from Orangeville and the surrounding towns are the guests of honour at the appreciation event.

“It’s a time the pastors can just come and be ministered to, for a change,” says Lise. “That’s probably something we’ll do every year.”

This year, OCS hosted the local Independent School Showcase. The evening featured presentations from independent schools in the area.

From skits to songs, Lise says it is a time to display something from the school. Lise says the school band plays at the event, and the kindergarten class sings. Families have transferred in from the other independent schools as a result of the evening, says Lise.

“We have a fairly large gym, and it just gets jammed full,” he says.

During the first week in May, the school participates in the Dufferin Youth Festival of the Arts, held at Orangeville Baptist Church. “And all the schools, separate, public, independent are all invited,” says Lise. “It is all week, so every morning that church is practically filled.”

This year, Lise was asked to give the opening remarks. “That just gives us more presence in the community,” he says.

OCS is planning its first summer school this year, with a combination of academics and sports. “It will be in a Christian atmosphere, but anyone in the community will be encouraged to come,” says Lise.

He says this year they hope to have enough students to make the summer school a success. The school, which welcomes international students, expects five participants from Korea.

Past events at OCS have shown their community involvement. During the last provincial election, the school hosted all the local candidates.

Students in Grades 5 to 8 met with the politicians and had the chance to ask questions.

These events are part of the Good Neighbour Campaign, which is happening across the province in member schools of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS). The campaign is designed to increase community involvement through random acts of kindness.

“I think it’s an excellent, just to create community awareness,” says Lise.

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