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Orillia Students Weave Milk Mats for Third World Countries

Written on January 28th, 2016


Sometimes people in third world countries have no bed or anything comfortable to sleep on. For example, after the devastating earthquake in Haiti, many people were left without homes and had to find places to sleep at night.

sorting bagsStudents at Orillia Christian School have recently joined a growing number of groups and organizations that have learned to weave recycled plastic milk bags into sleeping mats. Many students spend their Wednesday lunch time sorting and weaving the bags, with the help of community parent Mrs. Brown, who has organized and coordinated this service project for students.weaving

The milk bags are cut into strips that are then woven into colourful mats. A 2 x 3 foot mat takes approximately 100 bags to complete.

So what happens to these mats after they’re finished?  They are used to sit on in school rooms, to sleep on, for curtains, shower curtains, insulation and anything else they may need them for. Every time a shipment is sent, students at Orillia Christian School know that someone will have a mat to sleep on.