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Ottawa Christian School breaks ground for new facility

Written on June 19th, 2009

[caption id=”attachment_2810” align=”aligncenter” width=”300”]OCSrunFS Ottawa Christian School students participated in a relay as part of a groundbreaking ceremony on June 11.[/caption]

Building slated to open doors September, 2010

Celebratory music filled the air as a student ran the final steps across the future site of Ottawa Christian School (OCS) last week.

The Grade 8 OCS student was completing a relay that began at the current OCS building, with several past and present students taking part.

Runners passed along a scroll signed by students and parents, and inscribed with Bible verses that have special meaning for this year’s school community.

The relay was a symbolic activity that took place at the school’s groundbreaking ceremony on June 11.

Virginia Dawson, OCS advancement co-ordinator, says the ceremony was marked by “joy, thanksgiving, excitement and anticipation.”

About 300 community members attended.

The new OCS facility is slated to open its doors in September, 2010.

Funding for the project is “in good shape,” according to principal Paul Triemstra.

OCS has sold its existing property, which nets a little more than $1.66 million for the school. It is also in the process of selling four adjacent acres to its site plan, which will net $1.07 million.

The $341,000 in pledge money still to be received provides a fundraising total about $1.318 million.

In addition, the school has about $400,000 in trade partner contributions and anticipates receiving about $200,000 worth of savings in volunteer labour.

What is particularly noteworthy is that the mortgage of $1.3 million is down from the projected $1.8 million, which Triemstra hails as a “very good news story.”

He says the hard work of the school’s new facilities committee, as well as the recent dramatic drop in the cost of construction materials, are both contributing factors.

Also of note is that plans for the new facility incorporate a significant number of green features. The school will include many design elements recommended by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System.

For instance, the school’s mechanical and electrical designs have been enhanced to run its heating and cooling systems much more efficiently.

Code requirements have been exceeded with respect to insulation and air vapour barriers.

Several systems will help ensure low water consumption and the school is enhancing its use of daylight by maximizing the window area.

Several solar chimneys will also provide additional natural lighting for interior corridors.

In terms of the school’s space design, the new facility is to include 15 classrooms, a dedicated music room, a dedicated art/science room and a full-size gym.

Most of the classrooms will have activity rooms adjoining them where students can break out for small group work, or other activities can take place. Triemstra says this latter feature is a copy of the layout at Trenton Christian School.

OCS is featuring a blog on its website which will provide updates as the building progresses. To learn more about the school as well as its new facility, visit