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Parents choose Christian schools for the calibre of teachers, focus of instruction

Written on August 1st, 2008

Schools provide excellent caring role models and God-centred teaching

When Barry and Lorna Landry talk about what they value most about the Christian school their twin daughters have attended since junior kindergarten they mention what many other families also emphasize – the calibre of the teachers and the focus of instruction.

Barry, who did not grow up in the Christian school system, says the principal and teachers at Rhema Christian School have been some of the best he’s ever encountered.

He refers to Ray Hendriks, who retired from Rhema this year, as an exceptional force and role model in the school, someone he was very thankful to have for his daughters’ principal through their elementary school years.

“The way Ray approached every problem was just incredible,” says Barry. “I can’t speak highly enough of the man.”

He adds his daughters are growing up to be caring and nurturing young women, in large part, he believes, because of the role models they had at Rhema.

The teaching of Christian values and God-centred instruction, no matter the subject, has definitely had an impact on their worldview, the parents add.

“(The twins) now appreciate God’s presence in all things; they can recognize it,” says Barry.

Cheryl Jones, whose three daughters attend Timothy Christian School (TCS) in Barrie, also says it is the quality of the teachers and the focus of the instruction that she has found most valuable about the Christian school.

“I see the school as an extension of what we’re teaching our kids at home and what they’re learning at church,” she says.

“I don’t have to worry about teaching them certain values and then they go to school and those values are second-guessed because of what they’re learning at school and from their friends.”

She adds that it’s important that they learn the truth that God is the creator of all things, a view which is reflected in all the subject areas at TCS.

“I think it’s important for my kids to learn that God is not only in science, geography and history, but also Phys. Ed, art, music, literature and even math,” she says.

Having Christians as teacher and role models is also beneficial for her daughters’ growth, says Jones.

“My kids see the passion that these teachers have for Christ on a day-to-day basis and I think that’s such a blessing.”

While Christian schools aren’t immune to negative influences and activities, Jones says she takes comfort knowing that the people responding to these incidents do so “from a Christian perspective and with Christian love.”