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PCS teacher blog reaches millions

Written on February 20th, 2014

If you’re a grade school teacher, with an interest in hands on learning, there’s a good chance you know about the blog of Anita Bremer. The Senior Kindergarten teacher at Providence Christian School in Dundas (PCS) has been blogging about life in her classroom for over two years now. Recently, mrsbremersk.blogspot.com was added to the Top 50 Early Childhood Education blogs by the Teacher Certification and Education Online Guide.

Those who visit Bremer’s colourful online space will find everything from classroom activities, resource materials and photos of finished assignments. So far, the blog has  received 2.1 million page views from teachers all over the world (156 countries, to be exact). Although Bremer’s target readership is teachers, her frequent entries also provide PCS parents with a window into what their child is learning about in school.

For a school like PCS, which is directed by a volunteer board of parents, that kind of engagement matters.

“Families have a real sense of ownership and commitment as they use their time and expertise to enhance the students’ experience”  noted PCS Principal, Kevin Bouwers in a recent Falmborough Review article. “The blog allows parents to connect in a very real way”.

You can check out Anita’s blog by visiting mrsbremersk.blogspot.com.