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People the best part of the job, says OACS staff member

Written on November 17th, 2010

Audrey Roorda remembers joining the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) as a staff member 15 years ago, and says the people and the work environment are what she most enjoys about her work.

Roorda, financial services advisor, is currently the longest-standing employee at the OACS.

Before joining the organization she had been working as a bookkeeper at a trucking company, and says she was over worked and looking for something else.

She saw an ad in her church bulletin for the job at the OACS, and thought it sounded like something she was qualified for and would like.

Roorda has been in a similar role throughout her 15 years with the organization.

Since starting her role it has changed from a hand-written format to a manual format to its current computer format. She says while at first she used a typewriter now there are online forms to use.

The work environment is what motivates her in her job.

“I enjoy working with the people here,” she says.

She works with member school bookkeepers and treasurers using the OACS’ finance accountability framework. Schools will call her for advice on QuickBooks and where to account for different items.

“I love working with the schools and the contact that I have with the bookkeepers,” she says.

“(There is) more legislation to do with charities, so we help with that because at a local school level you don’t have the same kind of expertise, they don’t have the time to find out all that,” she says.

Because school treasurers are often volunteers there is a high turnover rate, and Roorda says people often express their appreciation for the OACS services.

The largest change at the organization occurred in January, she says, when Hugo Marcus became the new executive director.

The OACS is embarking in a new direction as it moves forward, and is more collaborative and conscious of the kinds of services given to schools, as well as how the services are perceived, she says.

Looking forward, Roorda says she plans to “do the best job I can and keep up the service with the schools.”