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Project Design Day 3--Seaway District

Written on April 13th, 2014

[caption id=”attachment_5826” align=”aligncenter” width=”300”]Teachers check out each other's projects at Kingston Christian School Teachers check out each other’s projects at Kingston Christian School[/caption]

We had another great day of project design together with the eastern grade schools coming together at Kingston Christian School.  The teachers from Kingston were joined by Ottawa Christian, Community Christian from Metcalfe, Trenton Christian, and Timothy Christian from Williamsburg. Just over 40 of us explored Project Based Learning (PBL). Once again we worked on designing project with this driving question:

How can I design projects that accomplish my learning goals and engage kids in culture making?

Once again I found the commitment of the teachers in our schools inspiring. Perhaps you can be inspired by their work too. Check out the gallery posters by clicking on them here:

[gallery link=”file” ids=”5827,5828,5829,5830,5831,5832,5833,5834,5835,5836,5837,5838,5839,5840,5841,5842,5843”]

Once again we hope to transfer these project ideas and great gallery feedback into digital copies of each project overview and post them in the eCurriculum groups so that the collaboration and implementation of them can continue! (If you’re a member in eCurriculum, you can access the groups here: (JK/SK, Grades 1/2, Grades 3/4, Grades 5/6, Grades 7/8. If you’re not yet a member of eCurriculum, you can request to join from our homepage).

It’s been exciting to see the growing interest and intrigue for PBL in the district pd days and beyond. In addition to the grade groups mentioned above, you can also join roughly 250 colleagues in the PBL group on eCurriculum. I’m excited to continue sharing intriguing resources for you there in the group, and we hope that you’ll feel comfortablOCTA 2014 Postere to share your favourite resources too.

And, as I mentioned in my last blog post, I’d love to see many of you at the Ontario Christian Teacher Academy this August. Come as an individual or a small group with your colleagues to the 2014 Academy’s “PBL Essentials” or “PBL Digging Deeper” streams. You can register on the Academy’s website.

Our mission is to participate obediently in God’ unfolding narrative for the universe as stewards and even co-creators,  and we hope that each child in each of our schools finds her own joyful place and purpose in that grand story. We desire flourishing children in flourishing schools that bless and are blessed by the larger communities in which they’re placed. May we continue to deepen the professional bonds that unify us in that mission and empower us to learn from each other and from our students.