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Read it again for the first time

Written on September 26th, 2013

It happened again! God’s Word just does that for me time and again.

I have read most chapters in the Bible during my life.  The family Story Bible was consumed during my 3-day bout of flu when I was 10 or 11. I have actually tried to read the entire Bible in one year several times only to fall off the pattern as July and summer vacation distracted me.

But this fresh take on God’s Word keeps happening to me. I want to share the latest experience with you.  This also involved Ray who led the devotional in Belleville a few Saturdays ago.  Ray had several Scripture passages on leadership on a handout for the group to read.  He asked us to select one and to underline the key works that came to mind.

I chose Colossians 4: 2- 6 and started to underline here and there. Prayer, Watchful, Thankful, Pray Proclaim, Opportunity, Grace, Salt – the word list grew. And then “Be Wise”.  I boxed it as the central thought. I started to draw the lines from these other words to “Be Wise”.  Then “Proclaim” got my attention again.  I put a box around it and connected it to “Be Wise”

Wow! This is powerful!  Within minutes I realized that God was speaking directly to me through this exercise. I have written too many Memos and have been challenged each time to be heads up with how I communicate.  Here I am being told to proclaim wisely after I reflect on God’s grace and power through prayer and watchful reflection.

The entire passage came alive as I pondered how God was directly me prior to my speaking assignment that morning.  I needed to unpack the CRA / CEAF story that morning and God prepared me wonderfully. Just read it again for the first time!