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Redeemer students give university top marks in national satisfaction survey

Written on February 23rd, 2009

University receives several first place rankings

Redeemer University College in Ancaster received top student satisfaction rankings for overall quality of education in a survey of 31 universities that was conducted by the Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC).

The annual CUSC undergraduate study results were published by Maclean’s Feb. 4.

Redeemer ranked first in the quality of education received, quality of teaching received, class size, accessibility of faculty outside of class and how faculty treat students.

“We are delighted,” says Jacob Ellens, Redeemer vice president, academics.

Richard Wikkerink, Redeemer registrar and senior director of student development, says the survey is an important evaluation of the work they do and the student’s experiences.

“It’s always nice to be affirmed by a national survey, that some of the experiences that our students have are compared to other universities,” he says.

Other small universities such as St. Francis Xavier, Tyndale, Mount Allison and Nipissing also received high ranks in several categories.

The results indicate that smaller universities focus more on undergraduate students and provide them with opportunities not found at larger research-oriented universities, says Ellens.

He encourages students attending Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) looking into post-secondary education to consider what the smaller undergraduate universities offer.

“What Redeemer is clearly showing is that we are an undergraduate university and our faculty both teach and do research but clearly a very important part of their work is focused on teaching undergraduates,” says Ellens.

Ellens says the survey shows the school’s focus to be an academic community of faculty and students working together is supported.

Redeemer has always been aware that they are “here for the students,” says Wikkerink.

“It is part of the institutional culture to care about the individual, to seek them out when there are problems or issues and I think that is nice for the staff and faculty to see the students are responding and are positive about that,” Wikkerink says.

Best practices at the school include the focus on developing community and treating individuals as whole people, notes Wikkerink.

“It’s a very holistic approach to education.”

Redeemer students also gave the university high marks in the following:

  • 96 per cent agree or strongly agree their learning experiences have been intellectually stimulating
  • 97 per cent were satisfied with their decision to attend Redeemer
  • 95 per cent agree or strongly agree their professors encourage students to participate in class discussions

Results in the October 2008 University Report Card published by the Globe and Mail also placed Redeemer with high student satisfaction marks including an “A” for overall student satisfaction.

Visit this link to view the CUSC rankings or visit Redeemer’s website at to learn more.