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Renfrew school brings music to seniors

Written on August 27th, 2007

Students of the Renfrew and District Christian School brought their music to residents of the Quail Creek Retirement Home several times this past year.

The school choir, comprised of the school’s 35 students, presented several numbers to the seniors. Some students performed individual piano concertos and one young man who is learning to play the bagpipes played a piece of music as well.

Principal Sabrina Vandersleen says the arrangement appears to have been well received by both the seniors and students.

“It entertained the seniors as well as giving the students the opportunity to use their talents and to practice in front of people, which a lot of times they’re scared to do,” says Vandersleen. “But they did really well and actually looked forward to the challenge.”

After the musical program, which was about a half-hour in length, the students spent some time interacting with the residents of the home. In some cases they had made cards and presented these to the seniors.

“The seniors really like it,” says Vandersleen, adding the activity is one simple way to get in touch with the community.

Plans for next year are to connect with other retirement and nursing homes to perform music. Vandersleen says there are three other facilities in the vicinity, which she hopes to contact.

Besides the seniors, community-members at large were able to enjoy the Renfrew school choir’s music this past year through a local radio show.

A program highlighting the music of various local groups, including schools and churches, of which Renfrew school was one, ran during December 2006.

“It was neat,” says Vandersleen, noting the songs were precluded by a short explanation about the group doing the singing.

“It’s something new this year which we’re excited about, as far as getting the name of the school out and having the students participate in community events.”