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Rhema Christian School’s walk-a-thon is a great success

Written on October 8th, 2008

[caption id=”attachment_3073” align=”aligncenter” width=”300”]100_9781FS Participants raised more than $23,000 in pledges and donations for this year’s walk-a-thon.[/caption]

Prizes boost student motivation

Rhema Christian School held its annual fundraising walk-a-thon on Saturday, Oct. 4 with topnotch results.

Participants raised more than $23,000 in pledges and donations, about $6,000 more than last year.

Donations are directed to the school’s Tuition Assistance Fund, as is the case with all Rhema fundraising events.

Families that require tuition assistance can apply for financial support to reduce their cost of education through the Tuition Assistance Fund.

“In that way we’re very much a community that works together to help each other afford Christian education,” says Rena Ridley, office administrator.

This year’s prizes for funds raised appeared to boost student motivation to get involved.

Students had been instrumental in choosing which awards would be given for students who raised top amounts. Prizes included the choice of an X-Box 360 or Wii, Nintendo or DVD player, digital camera, Wonderland tickets, Lego or art set and tickets for the Galaxy Cinema.

“We had an assembly to hype it up and did some role playing to instruct students on how to approach people for support,” says Ridley.

Robin, a Grade 7 student, put in a great deal of time and effort to gather sponsorships, with support from her three siblings and parents, the Mays.

The family has been participating in the annual event for several years now and this year decided to work extra hard towards one of the prizes.

“My whole family was doing it together so we could get something for the whole family,” says the student, although her mother, Sheila May, adds Robin ended up doing a lot of the legwork.

The family collected more than $1,500, for which they reached they were awarded the Wii.

Close to 100 walkers participated in the event on Saturday, walking six-and-a-half kilometers on country roads near Rhema.

The walk finished up with a spread of food at the school, including fruit, bagels and drinks.

“Many people stayed around eating and enjoying each others’ company,” says Ridley. “Many of our new families participated with us for the first time and it was great to get to know them.”

The walk-a-thon is one of several major fundraising events that Rhema organizes throughout the school year.

“We try and find fundraisers that raise maximum dollars for the energy output,” says Ridley.

Other annual events include a dinner and silent auction as well as a golf tournament.

To learn more about Rhema, visit www.rhema.ca.