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Rhema focuses on raising school awareness

Written on October 6th, 2011

Rhema Christian School in Peterborough is spreading awareness of its school through participating in a variety of community events.

This fall the school had 11 new families enrol, which surpassed what the school had budgeted for and is a “victory,” says principal Joel Slofstra.

Last year, a group of Grade 4 girls decided to meet and pray for 10 more families to join the school.

“God surpassed that,” says Slofstra, adding the students are excited to see how God has answered their prayers.

“The atmosphere at the beginning of the year was pretty positive and people are excited about the year,” he tells the OACS News.

He says raising awareness is a focal point at the elementary school, and word-of-mouth has always been their No. 1 marketing tool.

“We had a family start last year and they were just so thrilled with the education we had to offer and their experience at the school that they spread the news to their friends,” he says, noting because of that family a few families toured the school.

In the spring, Rhema hosted 2,000 people who camped overnight as part of the Canadian Cancer Society’s Relay for Life fundraiser.

About three weeks after the event, while walking to school Slofstra had a car pull over and a man express his gratitude for providing the venue. Rhema is planning to host the event again in 2012.

The school grounds are used by the Peterborough Youth Soccer Club.

As a member of the Chamber of Commerce, the school also set up a booth at the Prosperity Tradeshow, a business networking event.

Rhema also has regular flyer advertisements that promote the school.

The school hosts a couple pre-school programs that are open to the community. One is called I’m A Little Teapot, and is a once-a-month program for pre-school aged children and their parent. Rhema has a Jump into JK program for children who are entering kindergarten in the fall.

“Any opportunity that we have to have the community come to the school we see that as a good thing,” Slofstra says.

To learn more about Rhema, visit this link.