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Rhema hockey game a 'fantastic community event'

Written on January 26th, 2009

[caption id=”attachment_2973” align=”aligncenter” width=”300”]OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Rhema Christian School held a staff vs. Grade 8 hockey game last week on its outdoor rink.[/caption]

Teachers and Grade 8 game met with energy, team buildingĀ 

Rhema Christian School in Peterborough held its first staff vs. Grade 8 hockey game last week, bringing spirit and high energy into the school community.

Former principal Ray Hendriks continues to help prepare the ice rink in the schoolyard each year. Parents and a teacher lend a hand in the rink’s upkeep. During recess students at the elementary school can often be found skating and playing hockey.

“We thought it would be a riot to have a Grade 8 versus the staff ice hockey game,” says principal Joel Slofstra.

“It was just a fantastic community building event.”

The game, held Jan. 21, was met with lots of competitive talk between the players in the hallways. The staff team wore jerseys from a local church team. Students made signs supporting one team or another.

“The energy and the excitement in the air was amazing, the kids were so thrilled to be out there, the whole school was watching,” says Slofstra.

Grade 8 student and hockey player Ryan says his team spent some time practicing before the game.

“We found out everyone’s strengths and just put it all to use,” says Ryan. “I think it was really fun.”

“It was almost like an in-school spirit day,” says teacher Paul Voskamp. “We accomplished the goal as far as getting everyone involved and everyone participating.”

Many parents came to watch the game, and students took part in cheering and chanting.

The game was five-on-five with a change in players every five minutes.

Though at one point the teachers were winning 4-2, the final score was 8-5 for the students.

The event has had a lot of positive feedback, with some parents suggesting a different sport being played at the end of the year and students asking for a best out of three.

The teacher team found the event beneficial in building staff relationships and camaraderie.

On the weekends and evenings community members come to use the school rink, which is a nice way for them to see what a great place the school is, says Slofstra.