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School eliminates student council for a year

Written on July 9th, 2007

Takes unique approach to building school spirit

Convenant Christian School in Smithville replaced its student council this past year with a unique approach to building school spirit and honing student leadership.

The school’s theme for the year was Open Your Gifts from God and involved learning about and developing spiritual gifts.

At the beginning of the year, students and teachers completed an inventory to determine their top gifts or strengths. They then joined one of six groups each focused on a different gift, including encouraging, hospitality, leading, showing mercy and serving.

Each group, which included kindergarten to Grade 8 students, was responsible helping the rest of the school learn about their particular gift.

The groups met monthly and each was responsible for organizing one of the school’s monthly assemblies as well as spirit days.

Grade 7 teacher Linda Kooiman says the students seemed to really enjoy the monthly meetings.

“The older kids really liked being mentors and buddies with the younger kids and the younger kids just liked the time with the older ones.”

Some unique activities took place throughout the year to highlight the various gifts.

“We had everything from a chemistry experiment to an actual drama and even a Web site set up for encouragement,” says Kooiman.

For the serving theme, the director of a local community care centre spoke at the school. The school organized a food drive prior to her visit and sent her off with her vehicle loaded with goods to give to the needy.

To highlight the encouragement gift, the designated group made thank-you cards for each of the staff and presented them at the school monthly assembly.

“They spent about 20 minutes acknowledging every staff-member, the principal, janitorial staff,” says Wendy Colyn, office administrator. “It was really neat to see that coming from the kids … How they had taken the time to sit down and write the cards and think about what they appreciate about the staff.”

A spirit day for the showing mercy theme involved everyone wearing pink in support of those living with cancer. The school did a fundraiser for the Canadian Cancer Society as well as dedicated some time praying for community members diagnosed with cancer.

“It was just a really nice theme this year and it kind of went in with our whole school theme of Living for Jesus, Learning for Life, Serving with Gladness,” says Colyn.