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School food booth at local event promotes school, raises funds

Written on October 17th, 2008

[caption id=”attachment_3104” align=”aligncenter” width=”300”]DSCF0977FS Clinton and District Christian School’s food booth at the International Plowing Matchs raised $10,000 for the school.[/caption]

Clinton and District Christian School raises $10,000 from broader community

Clinton and District Christian School (CDCS) raised $10,000 at its recent International Plowing Match (IPM) food booth, which was an opportunity to receive support from people outside the immediate school community, says Marilyn Bruinsma.

Bruinsma co-chaired the fundraising initiative with her daughter, Tina Bos, whose children attend the Clinton school.

The event was held Sept. 16-20 in Teeswater, Ontario, and attracted a record number of 94,457 visitors.

Volunteers served up breakfast sandwiches, coffee, hamburgers, sausages and fries.

Bruinsma says out of the 65 volunteers who helped at the booth, the majority were grandparents.

“It was more grandparents than parents,” she says, adding once they came for a shift they wanted to come back for a second or third.

“It’s really nice that the grandparents support their grandchildren at school.”

The booth gave the school an opportunity to be seen in the community. Some families visiting the booth may realize that there is a Christian school in the area, which could attract new families, says Bruinsma.

[caption id=”attachment_3103” align=”alignright” width=”200”]DSCF0964FS Marilyn Bruinsma[/caption]

The $10,000 raised through the fundraiser was money from families outside the school, which is important, Bruinsma says. Families within the school may attend other fundraisers, but the food booth is something that reaches out to the broader community.

Bruinsma says at the IPM word got around that the booth had good food, as they had several repeat customers and a line for fresh-cut fries.

A notice about the event was submitted to all Christian Reformed churches in Ontario from Thunder Bay to Cornwall.

“While waiting for their order, customers from Niagara told us that since we had put the IPM announcement in their church bulletin, they felt they should come to support us,” says Bruinsma.

The food booth CDCS operated was built in 1999 and has traveled to many IPMs. It will return to the school for rentals.

Bruinsma says she would encourage other Christian schools to run a similar fundraiser at a fall or spring fair.

“This is one way of getting out in the community,” she says.

“It’s a good way to do it.”