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School partners with media group on creation of films

Written on March 3rd, 2008

Immanuel Christian School in Aylmer has partnered with a Christian media group to create two film clips on the topics of prayer and the Bible.

The films, each several minutes in length, are intended to be a unique and powerful venue for spreading Christian truth.

One clip, called Pass It On, was created to inspire people to share Christian scripture with those around them. The other, called The Lord’s Prayer, highlights the power of prayer.

Tracey Tiersma, promotions director for the school, says the films are valuable for “planting seeds of truth” as well as launching discussions on the topics they address.

For instance, with Dalton McGuinty’s recent appeal to “move beyond the daily recitation of the Lord’s Prayer in the Ontario Legislature to a more inclusive approach that reflects 21st century Ontario,” groups could use the film on prayer to begin discussion about that decision, what it could mean and what people’s response should be.

Tiersma notes that with the prevalence of television and movie entertainment in today’s culture, film clips such as these have the potential to be especially relevant and effective.

“Media is a really powerful tool that God is going to use to reach people,” she says.

A number of students from the Immanuel Christian School as well as several other schools were cast in both films.

Inheritance Pictures, which produced the films, is a Christian media group based in Springfield, Ontario and was co-founded by Shayne and Shelley Wyler. Shayne has a background in mainstream acting and film-making and Shelley is an artist.

The two say their prayer for their productions is that they will “bring others closer to Christ and our Father, strengthening the body of Christ and purifying Christ’s bride, his church.”

They suggest that the film clips they produce, like Pass It On and The Lord’s Prayer, could be used in Sunday services, Sunday school gatherings, youth groups, Bible studies, with friends and family, “and wherever God leads you.”

Inheritance Pictures is planning a feature film for production in the summer.

The group is interested in working with other Christian schools in Ontario on future films. For more information about its productions, including The Lord’s Prayer and Pass It On, or on becoming involved with other films, visit