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School reduces kindergarten rates, hopes to draw new families

Written on February 13th, 2008

Alliston Community Christian School (ACCS) is cutting the rates for its kindergarten programs next year. The hope is that this will be an added incentive for families to attend the school and discover how much it has to offer, says principal Cathy Lubbers.

Current ACCS families have said that they value the school’s “warm, caring, loving environment with excellent and caring teachers and staff” most.

The expectation is that as new parents step into the building, and in fact many have attested to this, they will feel that same sense of belong and caring and Christ’s love being evident, says Lubbers.

The development committee has decided to focus on the junior and senior kindergarten programs to introduce families to the school.

Junior kindergarten will be offered at a rate of $1,600 and senior kindergarten at $2,400 for the 2008-2009 year.

“We’re advertising it as less than the cost of day-care,” says Lubbers.

The initial years will be an investment for the school, she adds.

“For the first couple of years we recognize it’s a walk of faith. We’re stepping out of the boat.”

But the board hopes enrollment, which has declined at ACCS over the past two years, will benefit in the long run.

Lubbers says there appears to be renewed interest in Christian education this school year. ACCS has received a number of phone-calls of interest and has already registered several new families for next year.

Because the rate reduction has only recently been determined she doesn’t attribute the increase in interest to that decision.

One possible reason is that ACCS has stepped up its promotional activity this year, running a full newspaper ad in September with more planned. A series of radio ads are also currently in play.

A team from the school, including members of the development committee and a Grade 7 and 8 praise team, will be touring several local churches in the near future. The objective is to introduce church-members to the school as well as showcase some of the student talent. Families with children who would be attending kindergarten will receive a package about the school’s kindergarten program.

Lubbers notes that enrollment at local public schools is declining although Alliston’s general population is increasing.

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