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School runs cell phone recycling program to benefit environment, impoverished and school’s music program

Written on June 9th, 2008

Alliston Community Christian School works with Canadian cell-phone recycling group 

Alliston Community Christian School (ACCS) recently became involved in a cell phone recycling program with the goal of benefiting the environment and helping the impoverished as well as raising some funds for the school’s music program.

The school’s Good Neighbour committee is heading up the initiative, which started April 1.

People simply drop the cell phones they no longer use - after they’ve cleared them of all photos and personal information - in one of the collection boxes distributed at various local churches and businesses.

The school is working with Wireless Cellback, which describes itself as a “community recycling partner for the recovery of used cell phones for reuse.”

Wireless CellBack provides funds for every reusable cell phone the school recovers. ACCS receives 100 per cent of the value of the recovered cell phone and there is no expense or cost to the school.

Eleanor Miclette, development director at ACCS, points out that the school will not receive any payment for certain models or older cell phones but Wireless Cellback will pay as much as $50 for a new, high-end model with bonus features.

After ACCS gathers all the donated phones in late May and brings them to a central location a representative from Wireless Cellback will pick them up. ACCS will be informed of how much it has raised in June.

Miclette says they are expecting about 1,000 cell phones with this first collection, if not more, from the local community.

The school is planning to run three collections a year, one in September, one in January and one in April and May.

Any funds raised through the program, the school plans to put towards a new stage and sound system for its music program.

“Our main goals with this program are to give those two areas a new boost,” says Miclette, noting the stage is in “dire need of replacement.”

The Good Neighbour committee has advertised the fundraiser through several venues and letters have been sent to school families asking for their support.

“This is a win-win program for the environment and for ACCS and we ask all of you to help make this simple and easy fundraiser a roaring success,” the school letter states.

Cell phones collected and donated to the Wireless Cellback program are reused ‘as-is’ or refurbished to an ‘as-new’ condition. These are sent to emerging countries where the price of a new cell phone is unaffordable for most people.

The phones are also provided, at no cost, to other Canadians in situations where there is an economic necessity for both safety and communications.

Phones and batteries that cannot be reused are recycled to recover metals and plastics.

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