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Sharing Christmas through Song

Written on December 12th, 2016


Students in the primary grades of John Knox Christian School (JKCS) in Stoney Creek had the opportunity to share the gift of music with members of the community this past week. The primary classes were thrilled to receive an invitation to sing a selection of Christmas songs at the Stoney Creek branch of the Hamilton Public Library on December 5th.

Because the library is in the building right next door to their school, students at JKCS have cultivated a great relationship with the librarians there over the past few years. In turn, they have always been willing to help the students in any way they can—helping to find books for projects, teaching them to sign out books, and displaying their art on one of their bulletin boards each month.

“Last year, one of our classes walked over to bless the librarians with flowers as a Random Act of Kindness,” shared teacher and choir director Karen Bylsma. “It was just something small, but the librarians were so appreciative!”


Approximately 85 students from Junior Kindergarten to grade 3 gathered together in the front lobby of the library, singing Christmas songs and carols that they’d been practicing since Thanksgiving. Some of the students also recited poems.

“We hope that the true meaning of Christmas will shine through our songs,” shared Ms. Bylsma. “And for our students, we hope that this was an opportunity for them to share with others about what the real meaning of Christmas is.”