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Smithville school contributes to GROW SMART

Written on March 4th, 2009

OACS members raise funds for Christian curriculum 

Covenant Christian School in Smithville’s recent donation to the Ontario Alliance of Christian School’s (OACS) GROW SMART program is a way to give back and support the curriculum department, says principal Sid Bakker.

“It’s a small part to share, but added to the proceeds from other schools, I know it will come to good use in producing excellent Christian curriculum,” he says. “The curriculum that they make is used all the time here at the school, it’s a pretty important part of the program that we have, so it’s our way of giving back.”

OACS member schools run various fundraising events for GROW SMART, which stands for Good Resources Open Windows So Many Are Richly Taught. The funds support Christian curriculum development.

The OACS curriculum follows the guidelines of the Ministry of Education, and Bakker says “the beauty of it is you have the Christian perspective woven throughout all of the lessons.”

Each year the Covenant Christian School presents a program at Christmas or in the spring and has a free-will offering, with proceeds towards the OACS GROW SMART program.

A former teacher at the school offered to direct the recent Christmas production and wrote the script titled “Born For You and Me.” The program was presented to grandparents and senior friends during the day and again the following evening to parents and friends. Both presentations were to a full house.

“It was an excellent time of community building and praise,” Bakker says.

Cambridge Christian School is also contributing to GROW SMART through a free-will offering at its Christmas and spring programs. The school presented a Christmas program to the community Dec. 17 and is planning for its upcoming Granny Awards musical April 23. In the past the school has run toonie days for its fundraiser.