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So, WHO Won the Election?

Written on October 14th, 2011

We all know the results of the recent Ontario provincial election. Out of 107 seats, the Liberals captured 53 seats, the Conservatives secured 37 seats, and the NDP won 17 seats. Grade 10 Civics student Rebecca B. decorated a cake to show you what that looks like:


But what does it look like if Ontario’s elementary and high school students were the ones doing the voting?

An organization called Student Vote does just that. In a move to get students more involved and interested in politics and voting, they organized simulated elections across Ontario for about 300,000 students. Students vote for the candidates in their school’s riding.

The results were revealed on election day on October 6. When the students of Ontario voted, here’s how it all broke down:


TDChristian High School was just one of the 2807 schools that participated. So, how did our students vote as compared to the rest of the province?

From our results, the PCs won, taking 57.6% of the popular vote. This was followed by independent candidates, who captured 13.5% of the vote. The Liberals were next at 12.1%, followed by the Green Party at 11.5%, with the NDP at only 5.3%. How interesting!

The students seemed genuinely excited to be voting (in an ironic turn, voter turnout for the REAL election was at its lowest point ever), especially those students in Grade 10 Civics class.

Polling stations, counting, and analysis was provided by students from the Grade 12 Data Management class. Simulated elections- yet another way to make learning more meaningful!

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