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Social justice class organizes walk for cancer research

Written on June 2nd, 2008

Students drive activity to raise funds for Princess Margaret Hospital

Students in Toronto District Christian High School’s (TDChristian) social justice class are hosting a walk to raise funds for cancer research June 5. They are hoping to raise at least $4,500 to support cancer research at Princess Margaret Hospital.

Grade 11 students Amanda Boonstra, Kayla Veldhoen, and Kayla Verkaik are organizing the 5-kilometre walk, which is to take place during school hours, just off the TDChristian campus.

The class is asking TDChristian’s 450-plus students to participate and raise funds.

“We are hoping the whole school will come out,” says Veldhoen.

Boonstra came up with the idea of a walk for cancer research because several acquaintances and a close friend have recently faced the disease.

“We really want to raise money for research into finding a cure,” she says.

Veldhoen points out that almost everyone knows at least one person who has had cancer so the Live Free Walk for Cancer Research should strike a chord with many.

This is the second year of TDChristian’s social justice class. Last year the class organized a hike and raised about $4,000 for a local hospice.

Justin De Moor, vice-principal of communications, pointed out it was quite unique for high school students to be raising thousands of dollars for an organization as well as for an entire school to pause its regular activities and allow for an hour and half of walking.

The social justice block is a unique two-credit Grade 11 program in which students actively explore a variety of social issues on a person, community and global level, according to the TDChristian website.

Students choose the issues they will study and educate themselves on these issues through research, personal involvement and creative response.

They then figure out ways to raise awareness and inspire others to action as well as ignite “proactive responses” by their schoolmates and larger community.

In this manner, the school aims to help Christian teenagers “learn ways to become agents of change in their own lives, in the lives of their communities, and in our world.”

To support the Live Free Walk for Cancer Research, contact the school at (905) 851-1772.