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Spirit Days at Knox Christian School

Written on February 3rd, 2016

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It was “Pajama Day” at Knox Christian School in Bowmanville last Wednesday—which meant that students didn’t even have to get changed when they rolled out of bed that day!

Pajama Day is one of the Spirit Days that Student Council students organize each month, to engage students across all the grade levels. The theme for each of these days is chosen by grade 8 students who, along with their principal Paul Marcus, organize games and an assembly for the special day.blanket races

Each Spirit Day, the students of the school are divided into their four assigned “colour teams”. These teams are assigned when a student/family enrolls, and the student remains on that team for their entire time at Knox. The teams are a way to get older and younger students working together for a common goal, and have been great for building school spirit. The teams compete in fun activities, and try to earn points to be the top team at the end of the year. Points are awarded on each Spirit Day for the various games as well as for other events throughout the year, such as competitions involving students bringing in food for the food bank.teachers in pjs

The Pajama Day theme is a recurring favorite with staff and students at Knox Christian School. After splitting into their colour teams for the assembly this past Wednesday, each team participated in a blanket-pull race where two students in grade 8 pulled each team member around a pylon and back. The first team to get all of their members pulled on the blanket won! The teams also participated in a bedtime story-telling game where they built a story together with each person adding three words to the story when it was their turn. The results were quite entertaining!

Teachers also participate in Spirit days, and are assigned to colour teams as well. They love to dress up just as much as the kids—especially for Pajama Day!

You can follow this link to the school’s Facebook page to see a short video clip of the blanket races: