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Strathroy school brings in interactive boards, other new technology

Written on February 4th, 2009

Goal is to enhance current quality of education 

Strathroy Community Christian School (SCCS) is just completing the installation of some new technology, including interactive boards in four of its classrooms.

It’s a change both students and teachers are excited about, says principal Marvin Bierling.

One teacher, who’s been able to use a demonstration interactive board for a couple of months now, says he can’t imagine returning to the old ways of teaching with blackboards and chalk.

“When students and teachers are that much more excited about what’s going on in the classroom, better learning is going to take place,” says Bierling, noting that enhancing the school’s current quality of education was a key reason the new equipment was purchased.

He adds that he’s thrilled that the school is taking steps to keep up with current trends in education.

Schools are increasingly using interactive boards as replacements for traditional whiteboards, blackboards and flipcharts.

They provide a way to show students anything which can be presented on a computer desktop, including educational software and online material.

In addition, the boards allow teachers to record their instruction and post the material for review by students at a later time.

Strathroy has also been able to purchase some additional equipment which allows students, through the use of what’s called a voter or clicker, to instantly respond via the computer to material that has been presented. This is another tool which enables teachers to take an inventory of opinions, for instance, or assess how much the students have learned.

A few of the many potential uses of the interactive board, depending on the particular brand, include:

  • saving lessons to present to students who were absent
  • teaching editing skills using editing marks
  • teaching steps to a math problem
  • teaching whole group computer or keyboarding skills.


In addition to the four interactive boards, the Strathroy school has also purchased and installed 10 ceiling-mounted projectors, all of which are linked to updated computers in the classrooms. This ensures these classrooms have access to educational software and the Internet to enhance learning as well.

Funding for the technology — about $32,000 — was raised through a school auction in the fall.

The long-range goal is to purchase an interactive board for each of the school’s classrooms.

Teachers will be receiving ongoing training to maximize the use of the equipment.

Bierling adds that it has been exciting is to see how the community has come together around this project.

Besides contributing financial resources, many have volunteered their time to install wiring and other components required for the technology.

“There have been a good dozen (volunteers) who have put many hours into updating what we can do in the classroom,” he says. “The community has come together again to volunteer their time, energy and resources to improve the education of the students here.”