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Strong curriculum, good people bring new family to Woodstock school

Written on January 7th, 2011

Wendy Lichti says it was a process to decide where to send her son for junior kindergarten, but the choice to enrol him at John Knox Christian School (JKCS) in Woodstock has been “the best transition” and she feels at ease bringing him to the school every day.

Lichti and her husband had previously enrolled their son at another independent school when he was two. They were happy about some things at that school and also unhappy with other aspects, which prompted the mom to look at other options for his elementary years, she says.

The feeling she has of the school is it has “really good people,” who are caring and loving, which is important especially at the younger ages.

“I feel fortunate and blessed that he is around people that are good people,” she says, adding she wants her son to be a “good person, (with a) good core, strong belief and I think he will get that there.”

Lichti recalls enrolling her son and then un-enrolling him, as she struggled with the decision to move schools, and ultimately enrolled him again at JKCS. During this time she says everyone at the school were friendly and helpful.

“If I had to think of anything they could change I wouldn’t be able to think of anything,” she tells the OACS News.

Lichti says because JKCS is an independent school and parents are paying tuition there is a core belief.

“I think people who make the decision to pay for education really research where their children are going because it is a financial commitment,” she says.

“You have the opportunity to be around great people” who share the same core belief in strong education and the Christian faith, she adds.

“One of my big questions (was if) he is going to go there and just get a Christian upbringing or is he going to go there and get a Christian upbringing with a really strong academic program, and (at JKCS) you get both,” she says.

Having researched a variety of schools, Lichti says the standards at JKCS are set higher in comparison. She notes the school gears learning towards the child, creating an individualized education plan depending on where the student is at.

“If your child can excel, there is somebody there that can push him,” she explains.

Curriculum has always been an important focus for Lichti, who says the teachers at the school are very knowledgeable.

“(The teachers) all have a real passion for what they do there, they’ve got the right people in the right places, that’s for sure.”