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Students and staff members enjoy Grow Smart activities

Written on April 25th, 2007

To raise funds for Christian curriculum development, students and staff members at Cambridge Christian School participate in Grow Smart days throughout the year.

Grow Smart is an annual event OACS schools may participate in to raise funds for the curriculum department. The type of fundraisers vary from school to school.

Lori Salverda, Grade 3 teacher at Cambridge Christian School says this is the second year the school has used toonie days as the Grow Smart fundraiser.

“We have pool families – we put the whole school into families so there is junior kindergarten to Grade 8 on teams,” she says. “We have about 20 teams and there are a range of children from all those different ages.”

The toonie days include a fun event and snack. Students bring in a toonie for the event, which goes towards the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) curriculum department.

Last year, Cambridge Christian School raised $2,051.41 through their toonie days.

Events include a banner day, skating and movie afternoon and tobogganing time.

Salverda says they plan to do an exercise extravaganza and arbour day before the end of the year.

Students look forward to the events.

“They love them, the whole school family thing is a really neat way interactive way (for) younger children and older children to get together,” she says.

Within the school families the older students start to take on a leadership role, she says. “They develop this real repertoire which you continue to see on the playground as well.”

Grow Smart events at Strathroy Community Christian School also have a toonie theme. Students take part in an annual fun fair. Classes set up booths with food, games, garage sale items, face painting and “licenses” to wear hats or chew gum that day.

“Kids bring in the supplies and make those things happen,” says principal Marvin Bierling.

He says the anticipation for the fun fair is part of the day’s excitement.

“The kids are always excited before the day, they are always geared up and ready to go and watching the clock so they can get their day started,” he says.

He says they can point to certain lessons from units that were supported through the Grow Smart campaign and curriculum the OACS has written.

Teachers are able to explain to students the lessons they enjoy are from the OACS and supported by Grow Smart events, he says.