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Students Campaign for Education in Afghanistan

Written on June 20th, 2017

As a result of a novel study they completed recently, students in the grade 5 class at Huron Christian School in Clinton decided they wanted to do something to help those who have less educational freedom in Afghanistan.

“In grade 5 this year, we read a book called The Breadwinner, by Deborah Ellis. This book is about Parvana, an 11 year old girl who lived in Afghanistan during the time of the Taliban rule. Parvana’s father is arrested, and since Parvana isn’t going to school, it is her job to go out and provide money for her family.

After reading this story, our class decided we wanted to do something to help. We talked about and researched what the situation was like for girls in Afghanistan, and came up with stats such as only 24% of girls go to school, and the literacy rate for females in Afghanistan was around 12%. We wanted to do something to help. We researched some charities, and decided on Global Giving, where we could raise $400 to help send a girl to school.

We researched what life was like in Afghanistan and created brochures to share our story. After writing scripts and presenting our project to the Dennis Group—who gave us some valuable tips—we went campaigning. We blew past our goal of $400 in the first day, and were able to raise $2,305 dollars! With this money, we are going to be supporting two girls, plus we are able to stock a library in a girls’ school with 250 textbooks. Any leftover money will go to help women become teachers for Afghan girls’ schools, which is a big need as well.

This has been an incredible learning opportunity, not only for our Language Arts, Social Studies and Bible classes, but also the realization that we can make a difference, and that God can work through a group of 10 and 11 year old students.”

—Daryl DeBoer, teacher