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Students Promote Awareness of World Issues

Written on June 13th, 2017

“Our group chose to move bricks like this for six hours straight,” shared Elissa Frielink, a grade 8 student at Timothy Christian School in Barrie. “It’s messy, and it’s not glamorous, but children in India work like this every day while we get to have an education and learn.”

The students were showing people what it looks like for kids to be working at manual labour—an idea they came up with as part of their World Issues project.

“It might seem strange to see the kids moving bricks from one pile to another,” shared teacher Andrew Wilcox. “But it gives you a sense of imagery to make others aware that it doesn’t make sense for children in other countries to have to work twelve hours a day for next to nothing.”

The students arranged for the event to take place at Park Place, in hopes of raising awareness about the issue they had chosen to study. They also created posters, handouts, and a magazine to share more about what they’ve learned.

The event was covered by CTV, and is highlighted here: