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Students spread holiday cheer

Written on December 21st, 2007

Students at Listowel Christian School have been spreading holiday cheer in their community.

On Monday the Grade 7 and 8 classes went to the Salvation Army to help sort out toys for local families. They sorted hundreds of toys into age categories. The students always enjoy helping to sort the toys and are motivated to help, says principal Garth Bierma.

“Our school theme this year is Walking in the Light, and each year we try to incorporate what our theme is in terms of some of the activities that we do in the community and this is basically shedding the light of Christ in the community,” says Bierma.

All of the students in the school participated in the school’s annual Christmas program, held Dec. 20. This year they performed a musical, Bows of Holly.

The musical tells the story of a girl who is collects food and toys and for her community and it gets stolen. She follows up and talks to the kids who stole the items and gets them to see that what they did was wrong. At the end of the musical she invites to help her to distribute all of these things to the people in her community.

At this point in the performance, audience members are invited to bring forth the items that they brought for the food drive.

Bierma says students can take away from the musical the message to catch the spirit of helping those less privileged, to forgive those who stole the items and to invite them to help distribute them.

This year the school put on two performances, at 1 p.m. and 8 p.m. Though the Christmas program is an annual event, last year they added the afternoon performance for the convenience of some of the older people who prefer this time. The audience is usually families who support the school and some community members and those who hear about the performance through word-of-mouth.

“We did have some young families who came to the matinee and actually called up other people to say ‘you really have to see this,’ and those other folks came in the evening,” says Bierma.

Last year the school showed their spirit of Christmas through letters to the local paper. While other schools had their students write letters to Santa, Bierma says they talked to the editor to express that for their students there is a different reason for the season. This resulted in a Christmas Wishes section to be added to the paper, where students from Listowel Christian School wrote their letters.

Other community activities the school participates in throughout the year include random acts of kindness, such as going into town to rake leaves or wash windows.

To learn more about the school, visit its website.