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TCS Students Walk off the Earth

Written on November 28th, 2014

Canadian music group Walk Off the Earth has garnered a diverse and rapidly growing fan base. Among those fans are students from Trinity Christian School (TCS) in Burlington—forty of whom will be featured in the Walk Off the Earth Holiday Special this December!

It all started with an invitation from Crossroads Canada, a media company involved in the production side of the band’s upcoming festive flick.

“They had messaged the school and asked if we could put a children’s choir together,” says Jennifer Cole, a TCS music teacher. “We don’t normally have a children’s choir, but we got one together pretty quickly.”

The  eager (and newly formed) group of young singers ended up in the studio of Crossroads Chief Content Officer Bruce Stacy, where they recorded background vocals for a “Away in a Manger”.

“We had lots of time in between takes to talk to the band,” says Cole.

That was especially exciting for students who’d worked on projects about Walk of the Earth in her music class the year before.

WOTE_Feature PicFor Cole, it’s easy to see why students so admire the band. “They’re very talented,” she says. “The fact that they can recreate already popular songs, even better at times than what the original artist did is pretty great. Also, they bring a lot of comedy to all their videos. There are funny scenes in every one.”

Off camera, members of the band exude positive, friendly energy too. Cole says she was especially impressed by female vocalist Sarah Blackwood, who was “super gracious” with students and “full of energy”.

Since their brush with fame, many students have run up to Cole in the hallway to say just how cool the experience was.

Parents of those students would likely say the same thing.

“I think some of the parents that came were just as excited as the students,” says Cole.

“Before the performance I sent like 300 extra emails to parents who were wondering if they were going to get a chance to meet the band. A lot of parents have said many times that they watch Walk Off the Earth all the time as a family.”

It was “a family experience” for Walk off The Earth too, she says. “Band members had their own kids with them during the recording. I thought that was really neat.”

Walk Off the Earth’s Christmas Special will premier December 8th, on YEStv Canada.