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Team celebrates sportsmanship and success

Written on December 17th, 2010

Beacon Christian High School (BCHS) boys’ volleyball team celebrated their highest finish ever as bronze medal winners at the Ontario Federation of School Athletic Associations (OFSAA) championships.

Volunteer head coach and Beacon alumnus Tim DeVries, 32, says the sportsmanship the team displayed was as rewarding as the bronze-medal finish.

“In our semi-final game the crowd was a bit rougher on our guys, saying things that weren’t so pleasant, and our guys handled themselves very, very well,” says DeVries.

After the game DeVries says convenors and referees mentioned how impressed they were how Beacon handled the heckling.

“The guys showed the sportsmanship they play with and a lot of class for the school, too,” says DeVries.

He says he’s particularly impressed to receive these compliments from convenors and referees because they’re on the outside looking in at school athletes.

DeVries says the team played better when they were under pressure.

“Our guys seemed to handle the pressure well. They enjoyed it. That’s a sign of a good athlete and a good player, someone willing to play under those circumstances and have that pressure,” says DeVries.

“That was the big key to our success. They kept playing no matter the circumstances. Our guys just kept coming at it,” he says.

DeVries says each player’s role on the team was integral to their success.

“Certain players were going to be the big hitters, certain guys were going to be the big blockers, certain guys will play up front or in the back row for defence and passing,” says DeVries.

“They knew their roles and I didn’t see them get upset about that,” he says.

He says they also have strong team chemistry.

“It was a fun ride watching these guys put it together at the end,” says DeVries.