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The Tuning Protocol: Short Script

Written on September 29th, 2015

Tuning Protocol:

  1.  Teacher (or student) presentation – Presenter gives an overview of the work and explains what goals he/she had in mind when designing the project or activity. (5 min.)
  2.  Clarifying Questions – Critical friends ask clarifying questions of the presenter. Clarifying questions have brief, factual answers. (2 min.)
  3.  “I like” / “I wonder” Feedback- This might start with the quiet writing time to let every critical friend record their thoughts. The group discusses the dilemma and attempts to provide specific insight on the question raised by the presenter. The presenter does not speak during the discussion, but listens and takes notes. It is a good idea for the presenter to physically sit outside of the circle and for the group to close in the circle without the presenter. Resist the urge to speak directly to the presenter. (6 min.)
  4.  Response – The presenter rejoins and responds to the discussion. It is not necessary to respond point by point to what others said. The presenter may share what struck him or her and what next steps might be taken as a result of the ideas generated by the discussion. Focus is on improvement not on clarification. Critical friends should be silent unless presenter wants to engage in dialogue with specific feedback. (5 min.)
  5.  Debrief – Beginning with the presenter, the group considers the key learning from the protocol: How was this helpful to your efforts? What surprised you? What confirmed something you were thinking about? Does the presenter have a clear sense of next steps? Participants share how it could inform their own practice. If time allows, everyone in the group shares one take-a-way. (1 min.)

Note: If the “project” being presented is more in-depth, the time needed to protocol it might be closer to 30 mins.

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