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Thoughts on Family Day

Written on February 13th, 2015

Family Day

“Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

These words from Matthew 6:21 were originally going to form part of a blog on the budget planning process. That will come. However, I was reminded today that this coming Monday is Family Day here in Ontario. Respecting that new and important holiday is imperative in my books and so some thoughts for you around this:

One of the treasures and truly a place where our hearts rest in Christian day schooling is the foundational importance of family in the structure of our schools. Many times in my career I have seen and heard people express the importance of the three-legged stool model … church, school and home. They have understood and embraced the fact that our schools will flourish if they honour each of those unique entities. That said, we have given honour most often, (first place so to speak) to the home, the family.

We believe that from creation God has ordained and blessed the institution of family. Generations are honoured, families are blessed, covenantal promises are fulfilled. The New Testament’s first chapter is a genealogy connecting the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ back to Abraham. That genealogy acknowledges the fulfillment of God’s covenant promise to Abraham, to David and to all in that lineage in spite of its many tales of human unfaithfulness and frailty.

On February 16 we get to celebrate the gift of family. My hope is that you are able to plan something unique, something memorable for that day. That day, in the middle of a cold and blustery winter is a gift indeed. Hopefully, whether you celebrate together as a family whether indoors or outdoors, you will enjoy a day of laughter and joy, eating and celebrating, playing and entertaining.

As you go through this day may this blessing ring true for you and your family

Psalm 115:12-15New International Version (NIV)

The Lord remembers us and will bless us:
He will bless his people Israel,
he will bless the house of Aaron,

he will bless those who fear the Lord—
small and great alike.
May the Lord cause you to flourish,
both you and your children.
May you be blessed by the Lord,
the Maker of heaven and earth.