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Trenton Christian School promotes active living, healthy lifestyles through intramural programs

Written on May 16th, 2008

School receives Outstanding Intramural Achievement Award from Ontario association

Trenton Christian School (TCS) encourages active living and healthy lifestyles among its students through a range of intramural and recreational programs. In recognition of its efforts the school has been selected to receive the Outstanding Intramural Achievement Award for 2008 from CIRA Ontario.

CIRA (Canadian Intramural and Recreation Association) Ontario is an incorporated, non-profit organization with a mission to promote and develop active living, healthy lifestyles and personal growth through intramural and recreational programs within the education and recreation communities.

“It’s a great honour,” says Dave Bevaart, teacher and sports co-ordinator at TCS on the school’s selection for the award. “It’s something that shows that we value active participation for all kids.”

The TCS intramural program includes an Athletic Council which consists of Grade 7 and 8 students who help with refereeing, creating teams for various sports and bringing out equipment for games.

“That’s probably the highlight (of the program) for me, seeing the kids taking a leadership role,” says Bevaart.

He also finds it very fulfilling to see the students in the intramural program playing the sports and at the same time having fun, being active and improving their skills.

Bevaart adds he hopes the recognition will lead to more involvement in the intramural program from the younger students at TCS next year.

TCS became a member of CIRA Ontario seven years ago when Bevaart attended a workshop offered by the association.

“I just loved it,” he says, adding that he has since received many great ideas from CIRA Ontario for both Phys. Ed and his intramural program.

Bevaart is now a board-member with CIRA Ontario and recommends other schools get involved with it as well.

“CIRA is a great organization,” he says. “It has some wonderful resources, not just for people who want to do intramural sports but for Phys. Ed too; wonderful resources to help get kids moving.”

Seventy-one schools in Ontario received the Outstanding Intramural Achievement Award this year for their intramural programs. Winning schools receive a recognition banner. According to CIRA, the programs “must offer a varied line-up of activities, promote fun, active participation, fair play and involve students in a leadership capacity.”

TCS is a member of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools, which has 76 member schools across the province.