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Tribe of principals finds unique way to support each other

Written on November 29th, 2012

A small group of principals of the Ontario Alliance of Christian Schools (OACS) membership has developed a close friendship over the years, and recently they hit upon a unique way to add to their support of one another.

The brainchild of Rhema Christian School principal Joel Slofstra, this unique way is the creation of a private group on the OACS eCurriculum site where the principals can share materials they’ve written in the context of their work that might help a colleague in completing their own writing.

Principals have a mix of written content to produce through the year, from newsletter notes to membership meeting devotions to graduation addresses — and sometimes one needs just that extra bit of inspiration or data that can make the process easier and more effective, Slofstra says.

“We are doing the same job of trying to glorify God in our schools, and part of that involves writing these articles, and if we can help each other out with that, that’s a good thing,” Slofstra tells OACS News.

Members of the group are invited and required to be active — that is, contribute as well as use content. Slofstra notes he’s made it clear he will “un-invite” those not sharing as well as taking.

He says he’s found the group useful already on various occasions, especially during busy weeks when he needs an extra, quick boost of inspiration, ideas or information.

The benefit of the group over sharing via e-mail, for instance, is that it creates an archive of material which can categorized and be searched fairly easily.

OACS director of information architecture and learning Chris van Donkelaar, who oversees the development of the eCurriculum site notes the intention from the beginning was that it be used by the membership as they see fit.

““We’re not keeping all the good stuff for ourselves,” says van Donkelaar. “Once we have a digital tool—like the groups—set up on the site, our philosophy is to make it available to every member.”