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Unity’s Spring Thaw 5K raises money, brings running community out in support of the school

Written on April 22nd, 2009

[caption id=”attachment_2886” align=”aligncenter” width=”300”]UnityRunFS Participants in Unity Christian High School’s Spring Thaw 5K start out the run. (Photos courtesy of The Barrie Examiner)[/caption]

Fifth annual event fundraised $6,000 for the high school

Unity Christian High School in Barrie hosted its fifth annual Spring Thaw 5K Sat. April 18, bringing out runners from the community and raising $6,000 for the school.

The event, which supports the school’s main budget, was advertised on the Running Room website and had several sponsors. The Life 100.3 radio station broadcasted from the event and gave out prizes.

The run takes place at the Waterfront Heritage Park in Barrie. There is a 5 km run with a $25.00 entry fee and a 1 km run for those under 10 years of age for $15.00. This year’s event had 159 participants in the 5K and 22 participants in the 1K.

Participants can also collect pledges. This year approximately 10 people raised $3,200 in pledges.

Jeff Weening, a teacher at the school, takes part in the run every year.

“It was very well organized,” says Weening. “The competition level was strong and you get to run along the waterfront, so it’s really enjoyable.”

Weening says the event is an opportunity to be outside of the school community and attract the running community of Simcoe County.

[caption id=”attachment_2885” align=”alignright” width=”226”]springthawFront The youngest participant at Unity’s Spring Thaw Run[/caption]

Run director Kim Borgdorff says a benefit to hosting the event is it only requires a couple people to organize it throughout the year and on the run day helpers are only needed for a few hours. She says this makes the event low-maintenance.

The run also is a way to receive funds from people outside of the church and school community, notes Borgdorff.

“Next year we plan on being bigger and better than ever,” Borgdorff says, adding they will be using chip timing to electronically determine winners.

Borgdorff says she would advise others who may be interested in running a similar event to be patient as the event grows every year. The most important thing is to have good advertising out well in advance, she says, adding they have been advertising since September so people will put the event on their running schedule.

“If you put together a good run then people put it on their schedule and they come back every year,” says Borgdorff.

Unity plans the run in the spring and around the same date because it is early enough to avoid competition with some of the area’s larger runs, she notes.

To learn more about Unity’s Spring Thaw 5K, visit www.springthaw5k.org.