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Victoria Day Weekend and Hesed

Written on May 23rd, 2017

The May long weekend is now behind us.  It seems that the Victoria Day weekend comes at just the time many in education can use that extra day away.  Hopefully your weekend was a time of relaxation and enjoying family and creation.

For me, the weekend was a lot of hard work.  I have traditionally used the long weekend for gardening and lawn maintenance.  This year the task felt especially brutal—my well-kept lawn was suffering the effects of last year’s drought and perhaps also the attack of some root eating insects.  The result was a decrepit looking lawn and some much needed help from the spreading of top soil and seed.

It is Monday evening now, and things look better than they did at the beginning of the weekend.  A mix of brown top soil and green grass brings hope for a soon-to-be green carpet of lawn.  Freshly dug gardens have allowed the perennials to flourish, and some newly planted annuals fill the spaces with colour.  The trees surrounding the property are breaking out in leaf, promising shade in the soon-to-be hot summer days.   A soft and persistent rainfall on Sunday soaked the lawn and gardens with natural nourishment.  As I look around tonight, I can sense God’s promise of flourishing, representative of His faithfulness and steadfast loving-kindness.

As things return to their normal routine on Tuesday morning, we know that we are heading towards the “stretch run”.  Soon it will be June—typically filled with class trips and final reports, culminating in graduations and school closing ceremonies.  It is my hope and prayer that these last weeks of the school year will be filled with great joy.  I pray also that in times of the inevitable stressors that come at this time of year, you will experience God’s guidance and presence.

Which brings me to the prophet Hosea.

The Old Testament prophet, Hosea, wrote extensively about the love of God for His unfaithful nation.  Just as spring woos us with the beauty of creation reemerging with life and the hope of summer to come, so also in Hosea we hear the expression of God that He will be faithful to His people despite their unfaithfulness and in their times of trouble.

There is Hebrew word in Hosea that that I have tried to remember as a theme of my life.  “HESED” is word I loosely translate as “the steadfast loving-kindness of a faithful covenant God.”  As you enter this last stretch of the school year may God’s Hesed be evident in your daily journey.  I pray you will feel it personally and experience it communally.