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Wallaceburg school works on its attitude

Written on April 7th, 2008

Keeping positive vital to school’s well-being, says principal

These days people at Wallaceburg Christian School (WCS) are seeing the proverbial glass as half-full, rather than half-empty.

“I find there’s a real sense of optimism, even though there could be problems,” says principal Andy J. Alblas.

Having that sense of optimism and a faith in Christ that things are going to work out is vital to the school’s well-being, the principal believes.

It’s an attitude he and others want to instill throughout the school community.

As Alblas points out, “the moment you bring in any negativity it just diminishes or cripples whatever good there is.”

Keeping a positive outlook has been especially essential in the case of enrollment concerns at the school. WCS has experienced a dip in student numbers over the last four years.

However, school leadership has sharpened its approach to promotion and spreading the word about the school, and a few signs have begun to appear that hint at a reversal down the road.

Alblas notes that at a recent open house event he sensed more of a buzz about Christian education in general and WCS in particular.

He also hears routinely from parents who “are so overjoyed with allowing their kids to come to a school like this. They tell me time and time again that they’re doing whatever they can to spread the word about the value of Christian education and their experience of the school.”

These are wins, however small, to be celebrated, according to the principal.

Like other schools, WCS has found the most effective way to bring in new families is through current families who talk about the school to their friends and contacts. The school offers training and tools to help families be as effective as possible in their conversations. A list of top 10 reasons to value Christian education is available on the WCS website, which parents can use in their discussions.

The school has also been raising its profile in the community by advertising on the new Christian radio station in the area.

In addition, a promotional DVD has been created and distributed to churches affiliated with the school. The school requests that the churches show the film clip during Christian Education Week and at intervals throughout the year. Additional print information is available at the churches for interested families.

WCS is also supporting potential new families in their research about the school through the enhancement of its website and the creation of a new promotional package.