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WCHS book club wrap-up

Written on April 2nd, 2014

This past Tuesday, book clubs from five Christian High Schools met at Woodland for our annual wrap-up to the season. Throughout the day, students enjoyed good food, book-related activities, and the big eventa presentation and workshop by our guest author, Sylvia McNicoll.

Each year, members of the Christian High School Book Club read from the same list of ten titlesand at the end, vote for their favourite. At the Final Word we learned that this year’s winnera landslide victory with 50% of the votes was Blood Red Road by Moira Young. It’s a dystopian novel about a girl named Saba, who’s trying to rescue her kidnapped brother; if you haven’t read it yet, we very highly recommend it!

On arrival, students were mixed into four teams, then competed in ‘Book Club Jeopardy’a great way to break the ice between the different schools and review the books we read this year. (It also involved cool buzzers!) Fun door prizes were drawn throughout the day too.

Sylvia McNicoll, author of Crush. Candy. Corpse. (on this year’s list), joined us after lunch. An engaging and energetic speaker, she told of her experiences as a developing writer, the meaning and ideas behind her books, and the writing process as a whole. She explained how a writer must juggle a number of taskswriting, editing, promotion, speakingat the same time, and solicited our opinions on several book cover designs for her latest novel (after all, we’re the target audience). We then benefited from her writing tips as she got us to write a new ending to c.c.c. and several teams performed the dialogue they wrote for the rest of uslots of laughs!

The Final Word was a wonderful day for students to discuss and share a love of reading, and to learn more about the writing process.

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Written by: Mariah Jolin and Joy-Hannah Koudijs