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Welcome to Trinity Grace Academy: Scugog Christian School Renamed and Rebranded

Written on March 6th, 2015

March got off to an exciting start for Trinity Grace Academy (TGA)—formerly known as Scugog Christian School. Members of the North Durham community came together with staff and students last Wednesday to celebrate the school’s cohesive rebrand—an ongoing process that included a new name, an enhanced Genesis Kindergarten Program, a website makeover, a vision/mission statement rewrite, and a fresh marketing strategy.

“As we begin this new chapter in our history, it’s been such a blessing to see the hard work of our Community Relations Committee and our greater school community become a reality,” said Marianne Walhout a member of the school’s Administration Team.

Wednesday’s gala began with a promotional video about Trinity Grace Academy and was followed by a performance from the student choir. The school also received recognition from Erin O’Toole, Member of Parliament for the riding of Durham in Ontario. Although he wasn’t able to attend in person, he did send along a certificate in honour of the launch.


“We believe this event has brought great awareness among our community and beyond. Enrollment for fall 2015 looks promising!” said Karen Wideman, a member of Trinity Grace Academy’s Community Relations Committee.

Wideman and the many others involved in the launch of Trinity Grace Academy took on the rebrand with the goal of creating a fresh image for the school, while continuing to embrace its values and history.

Shawna Dingman, TGA Board Chair, said that the new name, “Trinity Grace Academy,” reflects “an important part of its Christian Heritage.” She’s confident that it will resonate with the broader community too—since words like “grace” and “trinity” are generally understood by people from a variety of faith traditions.

The school’s 2015 rebrand has also allowed for a greater emphasis on learning than it had in years past. Although old promotional material had “a large focus on faith,” it didn’t highlight the school’s excellence in academics, said Dingman.

“We wanted our new rebranding package to reflect more honestly what it is we really do … Our kids come out very well prepared for high school.”

According to TGA’s newly designed website, the purpose of the school is “to be the preeminent educational alternative in North Durham, providing quality education from a Christian perspective that develops intellectual curiosity, a love of learning, and promotes excellence in all areas of endeavour.”

The new mission statement carries a similar message, and indicates that students at the school are “enabled to develop their full intellectual, creative, social, emotional, spiritual and physical potential” in a “nurturing Christian environment.”

Changes at the curricular level are exciting for the community as well. TGA’s enhanced Genesis Kindergarten Program now takes a child-centered approach to education, and combines discovery based learning with traditional teaching.

Visually, Dingman believes that the school is putting its best foot forward. The new logo, website, and parent package “look beautiful” and “reflect excellence”, she said. From a marketing perspective, she believes that the school’s shift to uniforms will be a positive change. Ideally, students will feel a greater sense of ownership for their school, and stand out as Trinity Grace Academy students within their broader community. That’s important for a school eager to continue engaging with the North Durham Region.

“It is our hope and prayer, with this rebranding initiative, to build on what we have and continue to serve the needs of our greater community by providing a great education in a beautiful facility,” said Walhout.

While much is changing for this interdenominational private school in Prince Albert, its tagline—“your child matters here” remains the same. That promise, offered to Scugog Christian School parents, will certainly shape the mission of Trinity Grace Academy as it moves forward.

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