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Why Florida? A JK Inquiry-Based Learning Project

Written on June 20th, 2017

Students in the Junior Kindergarten class at Strathroy Community Christian School had some questions for their teacher this past spring, as they overheard the plans of several families to travel to Florida over the March break.

  • Why is it hot in Florida in the winter?
  • Why are some of our classmates going there?
  • How do you get to Florida?

This was the beginning of another inquiry-based learning project, focusing on Florida. Students wondered about airplanes and airports, so their teacher Shelley Berg, along with ECE Stephanie VanderSchaaf, took the students to visit the London International Airport and the Jet Aircraft Museum.

This inquiry-based learning activity grew into a much larger project-based learning idea, which culminated with the students and teacher transforming their entire classroom into an airport with an airplane. The airport was complete with a check-in station, security, a baggage train, air traffic control, and a lounge with a Tim Hortons restaurant. The airplane was fitted with a cockpit, passenger seats, and a cart for the flight attendents.

Students in the JK class had the opportunity to share their transformed classroom and the things they’d learned about Florida and airplanes with parents and community members during the school’s Celebration of Learning this past week.