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Communicating Learning through Edsby

Learning Management Systems | Aug 18 - 9:30am

The value of having a comprehensive learning management system (LMS) during the COVID-19 pandemic has been the ability to pivot from face-to-face learning into fully remote learning very quickly. As we look ahead to the possibility of having to now pivot between three learning modes (face-to-face, hybrid, and remote) the consistency of using an LMS now becomes crucial. Key features of a good LMS (like Edsby) involve three functional aspects of communicating: tethering our teaching, tracking student participation and learning, and telling or communicating effectively regarding the learning process. This session will explore best practices in Edsby but also other LMSs in these three aspects for both elementary and secondary schools.

Presented by

  • Marjorie Sutherland

    Vice Principal at Woodland Christian High School in Breslau, ON


Grade 6-12 educators

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